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Student Insights: How a Study Group Helped Amy Thrive

Amy Barry is a top Touro University California student in the Joint MSPAS/MPH program.

I attribute my success in Touro’s Physician Assistant program to the people I have surrounded myself with and the study group we have formed. I was a “solo studier” in undergrad, knowing the things I knew, but never challenging myself on the things I did not know. Entering grad school I did not anticipate forming a study group. Continue reading

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Struggling with Procrastination

Dr. Jill Alban, Ed.D., is the Director of Academic Support at Touro University California.

man in timerHow many of us suffer from a chronic, debilitating addiction to procrastination?

To procrastinate is a serious problem, because to procrastinate is not to be able to do the things we want to do. It is a curse, and a costly one. Procrastination leads to hand wringing, regrets and damaged self-esteem. 

Why do we do it? What can we do to overcome it?

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J&J: Why Are My Test Scores So Low?

J&J are Touro California Director of Academic Support Dr. Jill Alban, Ed.D. and Learning Specialist Jennifer Pimentel, MAEd.  

Dear J&J,

I spend 12 to 14 hours a day studying and no matter how many times I watch the lectures on media-site, review the objectives, and read and highlight the text I always seem to get 70 percent on the block exams.

—Distressed on Mare Island

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