Student Insights: Ashley’s Good Advice

Ashley Vanderbosch is a student in Touro University California’s MSPAS/MPH program. 

 The pace of learning here at TUC is intense, which can sometimes be overwhelming even for those who have excelled at previous levels of education. We regularly ask students who are at the top of their class to tell us what study strategies they use to keep up. Here are Ashley’s top tips:

ashley in pa

Ashley with some tools of the trade.

  • After lectures, I make “tiny notes,” which are concise notes made with very small handwriting. I make these from the PowerPoint lectures, then I review the objectives and fill in any gaps my notes have with material from the book. I usually make 1-3 pages (one-sided) per block exam.
  • I frequently look up YouTube lectures if the lecturer had a difficult to understand lecturing style or if the information covered was difficult.
  • I study individually until I have covered most of the information and feel that I have a grasp of the information. Then the two days before an exam, I group study, help teach others, and quiz in a small group (2-6 people).



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