Design Thinking Promises Life-Changing Results

The New York Times recently published an article about a strategy that has been helping entrepreneurs and engineers develop successful new products and businesses. You’re probably wondering, Well, how does this help me as a student? Well, when used effectively, according to writer Tara Parker-Pope, design thinking can provide a solid foundation for understanding what is blocking you from forming positive habits and achieving your goals, whether academic, career or personal.

Stanford Professor Bernard Roth says design thinking, usually used by inventors or entrepreneurs to make money or solve engineering problems, can be used to examine our personal problems. Starting with the act of “empathizing” to find out why we are stuck or blocked, the theory calls for a five-step process to define the problem, build a new plan, and test and implement changes.

Stanford University gave a presentation on design thinking, saying it “is an approach to learning that focuses on developing students’ creative confidence.” Although their focus was more towards K-12, it can certainly be applied to higher education. Their powerpoint can be found here:  

To read more from the NY Times, please visit:

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