In a Study Rut? Try a Location Change!

Here at Academic Support, we believe that a good study space facilitates effective studying. It is important to pick a study location so that, once you get there, you (and your brain!) knows that it is time to get down to business. This place should be well lit, and free of distractions . . . but how does one find this space?

Finding the perfect spot can take a bit of sleuthing. While a coffee shop may be perfect for some, it can be completely the opposite for others. Yes, there is the lull of the endless coffee, free wifi and relaxing background music, but it can also prove to be a distraction with the continuous foot traffic, which not only makes it easy to people watch, but it can be distracting when loud conversations are nearby.

Studying at home may create a similar dilemma to studying at a café. You have everything you need — comfy clothes, access to food, and all your materials are at hand, but it’s also easy to look at your bed and think, “You know, a nap would be great right about now,” and the next thing you know, one thing leads to another and you’ve eaten a whole bag of Cheetos followed by a four-hour nap, but you have lost out on valuable study time.  

The Daily Clog, a blog focused on UC Berkeley and its community, recommends looking for the following things when picking out your sweet spot: Vibe, Hours, Crowd, Internet and Food Access (Straus, 2015).  These 5 key things are important to keep in mind so that you too, can find your place of studying Zen!  

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