J&J: How to Study in the Summer

J&J are Touro California Director of Academic Support Dr. Jill Alban, Ed.D. and Learning Specialist Jennifer Pimentel, MAEd.  

Dear J&J,

Classes just ended for the summer and although I’m excited that I get all this extra time to sleep in, what can I do so that I don’t forget everything I learned this Academic Year?

—Rested, Reveling and Ready to Review

Dear Rested and Ready to Review,

If you enjoy watching videos, Sketchy Micro and Sketchy Pharm, are terrific.  Sketchy presents cohesive stories that make sense so information is easier to recall. Repetition is also essential for long term retention. If there were topics that you felt you needed to brush up on, this would be the time to do it. It’s easier to continue being in the groove of studying than coming back cold turkey! Enjoy your vacation. Eat well, sleep well, exercise, and most importantly, have some fun!

Dear J&J,

All  the other colleges are out for the summer, but our program is year round. What can I do to stay motivated because my other friends have all this free time and I don’t?

Missing Pina Coladas by the Pool

Dear Missing Pina Coladas by the Pool,

We completely understand how you are starting to feel as if your gas tank is running on low! Graduate school is tough work! Make sure to take breaks in between studying and during the weekends, schedule time away from your desk. For example, go on a hike Saturday morning to clear your mind before returning to your studies, or on Friday evenings, plan to have a longer-than-usual dinner with your friends. By having a few pre-planned relaxing activities, it will help prevent you from burnout, as well as give you motivation to keep studying during the week knowing that fun things are just around the corner on the weekend.

Although we acknowledge that having classes year-round is tiring, the flip side is that it continues to reinforce your studying routine! Rather than having a long break in between with the risk of forgetting what you’ve learned, you are able to continuously apply your knowledge and utilize it during lecture and classes on a daily basis.  These are some great positives! Plus, no fighting for parking on campus is definitely a positive! Keep up the good work!purple logo


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 Jill Alban is the Director of Academic Support at Touro UniversiAlbanJillty California. She earned her Doctorate in Education and has been an educator for more than 30 years. She enjoys the challenge of helping students develop study strategies and improve their grades. On the weekend you can find her romping with her husband and Rose, her labradoodle, in Tilden Park or swimming laps at the Berkeley City Club. She is training to swim the Bosporus. Her dream is to swim from Europe to Asia. She can be reached at jill.alban@tu.edu


NEWPimentelJennifer-StudentServices-StaffJennifer Pimentel is the Learning Specialist for Touro University California. She obtained her Masters in Arts in Education from Touro University, and her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Davis. She believes that students are their own keys to success and that with some helpful tools and encouragement, one can go a lot further than they originally thought possible. She is a new mom to an adorable little girl who has already taught her that reaching for the stars isn’t as impossible as it may seem. Stop by for an appointment, or simply to just say hi! She can be reached jennifer.pimentel@tu.edu

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