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Student Insights: Jonathan Teaches to Learn

We asked Jonathan Lai, the COP Academic Tutoring & Academic Services Coordinator, “What do you recommend to students in regards to studying and tutoring?” His tips:

During my high school days, studying meant sitting in a room by yourself and staring at a book until you memorized all of the words or steps to solve a problem. In college and pharmacy school, this approach was less than forgiving. Through studying in groups, I came to realize that I learn best by teaching material to my fellow peers.

While most would agree that teaching is the best way to master a topic, not everyone has the confidence to teach material they just started learning alongside their classmates.

And this is where a tutor comes in! My best advice for utilizing tutoring services is to do more than passive learning — ask for the opportunity to lead the discussion with the tutor jumping in to correct any misconceptions. Then, teach your classmates and commit the material to your permanent memory.

If you are interested in receiving tutoring services, please visit for more information and complete the tutoring form. Tutors will be matched to tutees within 2-3 days via our Academic Services Coordinators — Jonathan (COP), Naveetha (COM), and Academic Support (J&J) for all other programs.

Jonathan Lai is a Pharm.D. Candidate for 2017.


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