Student Insights: How to Get the Most Out of Your Time at Touro

Me and Nova

Mey and her feathered friend, Nova.

We asked recent MPH alum Mey Saephan some questions about her time here at Touro — What did you find helpful? What did you find not helpful? What do you wish you knew before starting? — and this is what she had to say!

Public health is a broad field. Graduating with an MPH enables to you help people and hone in your skillset. Here are a few tips for how to be successful while you are here at Touro, finding your career path.

  • Do the reading! It may seem a lot at first, but if you pace yourself and read a couple pages every day, you will not tire out as quickly and you will remember concepts better.
  • Study in a group or find a partner to discuss ideas and concepts learned. Having to explain a theory to someone else helps you retain information better and hearing others explain concepts will give you a different perspective on issues and theories you may not have thought of.
  • Take care of yourself, not just physically but emotionally, mentally, and socially.
  • Go on hikes! You are in the Bay Area, there are tons of places to explore.
  • If you are having problems, talk to someone and ask for help or just for someone to listen. Your classmates can be the great support system you may need. There are counselors, learning specialists and faculty that are also here to help you.
  • Get involved! Join a club, research opportunity, or the student government! Just because you are here for less than two years does not mean you can’t leave your mark and have fun in the process.
  • If there are any suggestions you have to make the MPH program better, make your voice heard. Fill out the evaluations and surveys, and just talk to the faculty and staff!
  • Take the initiative in your field study. Is there an organization you want to work with but Touro is not currently its partner? You can be the pioneer for that site and make it happen.

Finally, remember to enjoy yourself! The next few years are all about learning and exploring!

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