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Student Insight: There is Never Enough Time

by Roman Roque COM 2020

RomanRoqueThey said it was like drinking water from a fire hydrant. Ain’t that the truth. Medical school is overwhelming. The material is dense and the window given to master such a massive volume of information is relatively short.

There never seems to be enough time.

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Some students believe they can skip sleep ahead of exams and spend that time cramming. Since sleep loss is believed by scientists to be detrimental to memory formation, this can be an inefficient learning technique; particularly if you will need to retain that memory for future work, such as the medical boards or actual practice.


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J&B: How Can I Make Sure I Don’t Fall Behind?

J&B are Touro’s Director of Academic Support, Dr. Jill Alban, Ed.D.                                           and Learning Specialist, Brigit Perez, MAEd.  colorful-1254537_960_720

Dear J&B,

I have a history of falling behind and having to play “catch-up”. I end up cramming and forgetting the material almost immediately. How can I make sure that I am on top of my studies and I don’t fall behind again?


Always Playing Catch-up

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Exercise Strengthens Not Only the Body but the Mind

A Report from Harvard Medical School

mental-health-2313426_960_720Regular exercise changes the brain in ways that improve memory and thinking skills claims researchers at Harvard Medical School.   There are plenty of good reasons to be physically active, weight loss, lower blood pressure, prevent depression or just look better.  But here’s another one, exercise changes the brain in ways that protect memory and thinking skills.

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