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A Balancing Act

IMG_20170208_223740_912I had a lovely conversation with Grace Nguyen, Vice President of Finance for SGA and on the board of CAPA as a student liaison. My question for her was: How do you manage the dual MPH, PA program and stay active in extracurricular activities?

According to Grace sticking to a schedule is essential. She manages her big priorities first.   Her first semester in the program she just worked and worked and did not do anything fun. She was miserable.

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Compulsively Obsessed with the Internet

igromania-1894847_1280Dear J&B,

I am always distracted. I try to study but I find that I’ve spent 2 hours reading Reddit and I haven’t been able to focus. Once I sit down to study I’m on Facebook. I live alone and even when I study in my apartment I can’t keep my mind focused.

Compulsively obsessed with the Internet.

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5 Ways to Stay Focused

Stay focused.png5 Simple ways to stay focused on your goals

Do you struggle with reaching your goals? The reality is that most people do struggle. When you set goals for yourself, you undoubtedly have the very best of intentions. You want to succeed with your goals and reap the many benefits that come with making successful and important changes in your life. However, there is something that you may fail to account for in your goal planning i.e. life itself. Just when you are ready to take the necessary actions and make those vital changes; life gets in the way and you are unable to remain focused on your goals. If you cannot remain focused on your goals, you will lose momentum and fail to make the progress you desire. This soon leads to a loss of confidence and motivation.

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Why are we hungry when we study?

Why are we hungry when we study? Scientists at the University of Alabama found that intense mental activity, like studying for exams and boards, stimulates hunger. Click on the link for the full article:

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Stay Humble: Advice from a third year student

By Brian Bush, COM 2019

Brian Bush PhotoHi, my name is Brian Bush, and I’m a third-year medical student from Touro University. Having just finished my first clinical rotation in pediatrics, I can safely say that the third year of medical school is quite different from the first two. Instead of going to lectures or labs in the morning, I am going to the clinic or the hospital. Instead of my laptop, pens, and papers, I am now armed with my white coat, stethoscope and reflex hammer. I have a real hospital ID badge that says ‘Administration’ on it—which is a nice change of pace from the volunteer badges I am used to wearing.

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J&B: I’m worried I’ll never catch up



Dear Dr. J & B,

I am already getting behind and I’m worried I’ll never catch up what do you recommend?

Behind the Wheel on Mare Island

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Study Strategies for Student Success

by Dr. Jill Alban

AlbanJillAs the chief learning specialist at Touro California, I mainly see students who would like tips for improving their study strategies. They are looking for ways to increase their test scores while trying to balance work-life issues (i.e., not spend 24/7 studying). When I first meet with a student, I ask her or him to describe their current study strategies. What I usually hear is that they highlight the text and read and reread their notes. This served them well in their undergraduate days, or at least well enough to get into programs at Touro.

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Day Dream Your Way to Better Learning

Day Dream Photo

Daydreaming need not be the enemy of focus. Learn to do it right and you could reap the benefits from more successful revision to more motivation


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How do we get you from where you are now to graduation?

By Megan McCaleb, MSPAS/MPH 2016 Class President 


PA school requires a whole new set of study tools from your tool belt. Maybe you thought you had finally figured out what worked for you in undergrad, or while completing another master’s program. Don’t freak out, but welcome back to the beginning. The pace is faster, the materials are more difficult, and the standards are higher. It’s okay, have your moment of freak out. But then take a step back and try and understand what Touro will help you become. Bigger, better, faster, stronger (wait wait wait…. that’s Kanye.) Retract that. In all honesty, at the end of this program you will be faster. A faster thinker, a quicker test taker, someone whose synapses are firing and connecting more rapidly than the med students’ standing next to you on rotations. You will be stronger. Mentally, emotionally, and quite possibly physically (depending how many times you run up and down the stairs from Lander hall). And best of all you will be better. A better person. A better caregiver. More emphatic. More tolerant: because your classmates are a diverse group of individuals who will challenge you, push all of your buttons, and who you will walk away from after three years as family. Okay. So now that we have that settled… How do we get you from where you are now to graduation?

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A Memo to Students who have been Disappointed with their Test Grades

Inspired by Richard Felder, Ph.D.

Dear student,

Many of you have told me that your test grades don’t reflect your understanding of the material and asked me what you should do to keep the same thing from happening on the next test. This is my response. Below you’ll find a set of questions about how you’ve been preparing for tests. I suggest that you print this memo and respond to the questions as honestly as you can, and then refer back to the memo and the questions several times before the next test. The question “How should I prepare for the test” becomes easy once you’ve filled out the checklist. The answer is “Do whatever it takes to be able to answer ‘Yes’ to most of the questions.”

Good luck,
Richard Felder

To see the checklist…

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