J&B: How Can I Boost my Grades and Study More Efficiently?

Dear J&B,grade-28199_960_720

I spend 12 to 14 hours a day studying and no matter how many times I watch the lectures on media-site, review the objectives, and read and highlight the text I always seem to get 70% on the block exams. I am really shooting for at least 85%, how can I increase my percentage?

Distressed on Mare Island

Dear Distressed,

Rereading the text and highlighting the main points are very inefficient study techniques.   A more efficient use of your time is to posit questions while you are reading.  Instead of highlighting-ask yourself why is this important?  What is it I want to remember?  Also, make sure to look at your objectives in conjunction with your lecture notes and readings as they point out the key concepts that you should be focusing on.



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