Compulsively Obsessed with the Internet

igromania-1894847_1280Dear J&B,

I am always distracted. I try to study but I find that I’ve spent 2 hours reading Reddit and I haven’t been able to focus. Once I sit down to study I’m on Facebook. I live alone and even when I study in my apartment I can’t keep my mind focused.

Compulsively obsessed with the Internet.

Dear Internet Junkie,

Try implementing the Pomodoro Technique. To begin, put your phone away and go cold turkey in order to stay focussed so that you prevent yourself from accessing Facebook while studying. Next, set your timer for 25 minutes- for 25 minutes study with full attention. When the timer goes off, give yourself a 5-minute reward. Make sure the reward is something you really want to do- such as go on Facebook! Lastly, and this is crucial, when 5 minutes has elapsed, return to 25 minutes of focused attention.   A study of MIT students found that 50 minutes is the longest we can sustain our attention at any given time. Your goal is to work up to 50-minute sessions followed by a 10-minute reward break. You may also consider finding yourself a steady study spot so that you know when you go to this specified location, your task is to fully focus on studying.


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