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Compulsively Obsessed with the Internet

igromania-1894847_1280Dear J&B,

I am always distracted. I try to study but I find that I’ve spent 2 hours reading Reddit and I haven’t been able to focus. Once I sit down to study I’m on Facebook. I live alone and even when I study in my apartment I can’t keep my mind focused.

Compulsively obsessed with the Internet.

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J&B: I’m worried I’ll never catch up



Dear Dr. J & B,

I am already getting behind and I’m worried I’ll never catch up what do you recommend?

Behind the Wheel on Mare Island

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J&B: How Can I Boost my Grades and Study More Efficiently?

Dear J&B,grade-28199_960_720

I spend 12 to 14 hours a day studying and no matter how many times I watch the lectures on media-site, review the objectives, and read and highlight the text I always seem to get 70% on the block exams. I am really shooting for at least 85%, how can I increase my percentage?

Distressed on Mare Island

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J&B: How Can I Make Sure I Don’t Fall Behind?

J&B are Touro’s Director of Academic Support, Dr. Jill Alban, Ed.D.                                           and Learning Specialist, Brigit Perez, MAEd.  colorful-1254537_960_720

Dear J&B,

I have a history of falling behind and having to play “catch-up”. I end up cramming and forgetting the material almost immediately. How can I make sure that I am on top of my studies and I don’t fall behind again?


Always Playing Catch-up

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