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Stay Humble: Advice from a third year student

By Brian Bush, COM 2019

Brian Bush PhotoHi, my name is Brian Bush, and I’m a third-year medical student from Touro University. Having just finished my first clinical rotation in pediatrics, I can safely say that the third year of medical school is quite different from the first two. Instead of going to lectures or labs in the morning, I am going to the clinic or the hospital. Instead of my laptop, pens, and papers, I am now armed with my white coat, stethoscope and reflex hammer. I have a real hospital ID badge that says ‘Administration’ on it—which is a nice change of pace from the volunteer badges I am used to wearing.

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J&B: I’m worried I’ll never catch up



Dear Dr. J & B,

I am already getting behind and I’m worried I’ll never catch up what do you recommend?

Behind the Wheel on Mare Island

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A year in the life of a med student (with tunes)

Med student Danielle Saenz made a wonderfully joyful video by using a second or two recorded during each day of her grueling fourth year, set to upbeat music. The good news is that it looks like she found lots of opportunities to live life in between epic bouts of work and study.

[This Is How You Eat A Buick from Danielle Saenz on Vimeo.]

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