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Study Tools & Guides

Study Guides and Strategies Learning guides in multiple languages.

MIT Center for Academic Excellence: Tooling and Studying

Osmosis Flashcards and self-testing for medical students.

Firecracker Self-testing support for medical students.

Anki Flashcard tool.

The Mnemosyne Project Free flashcard tool (and memory study).

Quizlet Free learning tools. 

General Strategies for Editing and Proofreading (.pdf)

Time Management, Focus & Procrastination

The Pomodoro Technique (official site) Time management system.

The Pomodoro Technique Illustrated (.pdf)

Lifehacker primer to the Pomodoro Technique

KanbanFlow Daily project/task management.

Cold Turkey Online focus/web blocker.

Rescue Time Computer use monitor provides feedback on usage and productivity.

StayFocused (Chrome extension) Online focus/web blocker.

MIT: Time Management Focus on scheduling study activities.

MIT: Effective Breaks Breaks are useful!

Articles & Academic Reports

Learning Medicine: An Evidence-Based Guide by Peter Wei & Alexander Chamessian (interview with authors on Osmosis blog).

Distributing Learning Over Time: The Spacing Effect in Children’s Acquisition and Generalization of Science Concepts by Haley A. Vlach and Catherine M. Sandhofer (Child Development, Vol. 83, Issue 4.)

Why Wait? The Psychological Origins of Procrastination by Elliot T. Berkman (Psychology Today)

Understanding and Overcoming Procrastination (The McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning/Princeton)





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