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Why Is Procrastination So Hard to Stop?

Because procrastination is such a common problem, especially for students, we are presenting a series of articles that explore the issue in depth. This week, we examine why the habit of avoidance can be so resistant to well-meaning efforts to change.

Christopher Scheer is a learning specialist at Touro University California.

Usually, when a person seeks relief from problems caused by procrastination, well-meaning and helpful people offer suggestions designed to replace one’s self-destructive habits with constructive ones. These might include:motivation.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart

  • Careful daily schedule construction where time is blocked off in reasonable increments and scheduled breaks, and keeping to the schedule is a top priority.
  • Using to-do lists or other task management organizational systems to break large projects or jobs into smaller, less onerous sub-tasks. Continue reading
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