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Student Insight: Hiroe Serves a ‘Big Picture Sandwich’

Hiroe Hu is a student in Touro University California’s College of Osteopathic Medicine

“Know the big picture.” Despite its simplicity, this was one of the best pieces of advice that I ever received in medical school (thank you, Dr. Lin!). Over the past year, this has become my mantra that served me well in both my academic and personal life.

My study strategy almost always involves the “big picture sandwich.” First, I listen to lecture or watch YouTube videos to grasp the summary of the material. My second pass would be a more in-depth look into the materials: reading the slides, referencing textbooks, memorizing facts, and taking notes to put the knowledge into my own words.

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Student Insights: Shay’s Study Strategies

Shay Patel is a top student in Touro University California’s MSPAS/MPH program. shay-cropped

The pace of learning here at TUC is intense, which can sometimes be overwhelming even for those who have excelled at previous levels of education. We regularly ask students who are at the top of their class to tell us what study strategies they use to keep up. Here are Shay’s top tips:

1) Go over the lectures in depth and look up the material that you don’t understand as you go through the lecture so you stay engaged and don’t miss key points. Continue reading

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