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Interventions for Severe Procrastination

Because procrastination is such a common problem, especially for students, we are presenting a series of articles that explore the issue in depth. This week, we look at some of the causes of severe procrastination and what interventions are available.

Christopher Scheer is a learning specialist at Touro University California.

There is likely no adult on earth who has not avoided, at least momentarily, doing something they know they should do, and could thus be called a procrastinator. Many generally successful people like to make self-deprecating jokes about what “terrible procrastinators” they are. Yet, for severe procrastinators, this recurring behavior is often no joke.procrastination_by_lora8-d4wz80e

“Chronic procrastination can have high costs,” writes Michael Neenan of London’s Centre for Stress Management.

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